Main Street

Stepping out of the parking garage,
the blinding summer sun poured into
the shadows and must as I opened the door…


Drips turn to torrents,
drops turn to puddles
that run down the sidewalk…

Late Night Car Ride

Wind whips through the car window

rushing through the fingers of hands

that reach past the leather interior…

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December Radiance


red, green, white lights

poke their beams out…

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What is the distinction between 2017 and 2018?

All that changes is the last number on our calendar

and we start a new cycle around the sun…

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When You Ask What I’m Thinking

Lost in the hallucinations of my mind

where reality is Schrodinger’s experiment –

both fact and fiction are one and the same…

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6 knew it was going to be one

of those days when 9 dragged

him and 4 out…

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knows that


is out


his class…

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3 never

paid much attention

to 5 when

they were together…

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7 hurried down the hall

to the volleyball practice she

knew was starting now without her…

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All of them have their quirks and problems,

though all they see are the others, not

their own. I am different than them. …

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Morning Ritual

In the cold morning,

I step into the shower,

worshipping the warm water…

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