6 knew it was going to be one

of those days when 9 dragged

him and 4 out

behind her house to look at the dark

clouds and dance in puddles

if the drops fell.

So there they stood in the humid air,

9’s light, cheerful laughter

contrasting the

darkness looming over them. He could

not help but join her; 4

simply smiled

alongside them as she shifted back

and forth on her feet, torn

by the feeling

of uncertainty in her heart and

emanation of

acceptance from

her friends. As they stared into the sky,

large droplets began to

fall on their arms

and faces and noses, and 9 could

contain herself no more.

She lept into

the air and moved, catching the liquid

diamonds and sifting them

through her fingers

as they fell to earth and formed puddles

beneath her feet, the grin

never leaving

the childlike expression gracing

Her face as she danced in

The falling rain.

6 watched as 4’s smile became more

genuine as she caught

the cloud drips on

her tongue, no longer concerned with

opinions of people

she had learned she

could trust, slowly letting go of her

fears, and he tilted his

head back and watched

the rain fall toward onto his face

and into his eyes, and

knew that in his

heart, he could never be happier

than he was with these friends

doing small things,

paying attention to moments that

others do not

respect and appreciate as much

as they should in their lives.

6 glances at 9

as she twirls inside and around the

puddles forming quickly

at her feet, and

she looks at him, deep into his eyes

as he stares back through hers.

Then she smiles,

one of her innocent heart-melting

beams – unforgettable.

He loves this most.

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