All of them have their quirks and problems,

though all they see are the others, not

their own. I am different than them.

I can see the numbers for what they

refuse to, and I can see myself

as I know I am. 1 is always

unconfident, which he tries to keep

hidden by pretending to be the

know-it-all everyone thinks he is.

2 can never keep her thoughts straight and

can not pay attention long enough

to get higher than a low B and

worries too much about her feelings.

3 is just there, such a small part in

everyone else’s world, and even

though he tries so hard, he will never

find places like other numbers have.

4 is so caught up in what all the

other numbers think of her that she

does not even know what she thinks of

herself. 5 tries to cover what she

thinks is weakness by acting tougher

than she needs to. 6 never steps out

of line and never takes chances and

is somehow pushed to the front and praised

like he is our leader or something.

7 takes on too much and burns out

too quickly and always wonders why.

8 shirks responsibility as

often as he can because he thinks

that no one cares even though they do.

9 can not keep her head out of

the clouds long enough to focus on

what is real and in front of her.


Me? What is my problem? Noticing

others’ faults is one of them of

so many. But one stands raised

above all the rest – I

am not important.

I don’t matter.

That is just

how it


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