What is the distinction between 2017 and 2018?

All that changes is the last number on our calendar

and we start a new cycle around the sun,

but people all over think that makes a difference.

When the clock strikes midnight,

people think their lives will start to turn around

like a fairytale that never made sense to me.

Cinderella didn’t really do much

other than sing to mice and take care of her house

and then BAM –

the fairy godmother gives her a nice dress,

suddenly she has a nice prince,

and they live happily ever after.


How does she get such a happy ending?

The animals make her dress and tell her to go,

the fairy godmother gives her a new one

and the means to get to the ball,

and the prince likes her after knowing her

for maybe an hour or so.

She just goes along with it all,

and everything falls into place

like pieces of a puzzle

that weren’t even taken out of the box.

She may deserve it

after dealing with her wicked family,

but happiness doesn’t get handed out

for tolerating those around you.


Maybe I missed the memo,

but when the new year comes around,

everyone seems to think that the change

from 7 to 8 summons a fairy godmother

or that the list they make will be achieved on their own.

We’re in the 21st century, not a fairy tale.

There is no fairy godmother.

At the stroke of midnight,

a new year will start,

but a new you takes more time

than clock does to chime.

Push forward into the future

and start writing your own story.

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